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The desire to capture life in new ways whether on film or on stills is omnipresent, All started in 2009 coming back from Cape Town as a freelance artist in motion pictures from the notorious AFDA.  I stay inspired by working on a wide spectrum of projects polyvalent in films and photography. My services also stretch to host other film crews via line producing. From documentaries with NGOs, feature films, short films, adverts to fashion and wildlife. I also teach film making occasionally at Uni, with the press and street children via NGO's. 

 It is an urge to get out there and explore life. Those creative spells bring a unique focused experience inspired by new densities and contexts. Whether it is for weddings or fashion with highly charged aesthetics energy or in the favelas of Rio, in the African bush the Karoo desert or in the most remote atolls beneath the waves, the exploration is ON! I Guess Growing up in Mauritius immersed in a multiculturality of its own helped to get rid of monochromy. The February 1999 riots, the ongoing UK's abuse of power over our sovereignty, vibrant saris, the texture of the wild ravann drums, our ABKD alphabet the tropical summer floods parakeet fishes jazz pirates bhojpuri spicy stuff way too spicy! 

I tend to work alone as a photographer as I praise discretion and spontaneity. Additional crew do step on board when required mostly for films providing combo packages including films and photography. The logistics and the project's coherence greatly benefit from combo packages.


I know Mauritius inside out so if you need advice suggestions and tips to make your project a rewarding experience lets talk I will be glad to listen and share what I know


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Blackwood avenue, Ferret Mapou. 

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

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